....Change is an inside job....

It's easy to WANT change, it's harder to BE the change you desire.

In order to start the change process it helps to be around those that have undertaken that which you desire, and are

grateful to be able to pay it forward and support you through your journey.

When you decide to BE-come an Inspired Woman, you'll never be alone.

Will you honour the woman who is inside you?

 "What if I fall?

Oh but my darling, what if you fly?"

Color Powder


Inspired Woman Institute was created to help reduce the silent suffering of mental health for corporate women.

Part of our philosophy is connection, community and contribution.

We host teams in various charity events, with training walks and support to inspire and encourage participation, connection and making a difference.

Join our team or donate today. 



Mobility sticks and education to take your health and performance training to the next level with Stick Mobility.


From CrossFit to the Weekend Warrior, Strength Training to Post Rehab, Desk Jockey to Longevity, Stick Mobility is a force multiplier to get to you to the next level of movement and performance.


This revolutionary new training system benefits everyone through a progressive approach to fitness, mobility, and muscle activation, regardless of age or level of performance.


Simple, fun and effective. Stick Mobility will unlock the inhibited movements that prevent optimal function and health.

Sessions via Zoom each Saturday at 8.00am AEST




The unique 5HABITS2HEALTH method links 5 EASY to implement habits into your daily routine as the 'foundation' for your future health and well-BEing.

This approach creates a unique opportunity to prepare you for guaranteed SUCCESS for as long as you continue the habits, building your confidence to make choices to take care of your body now and into the future. You'll also be connected with a continuous support network lead by an integrative health and well-BEing coach who understands the challenges of the busy modern woman's lifestyle.


$1000 project


The $1000 Project is like a diet and exercise plan for your money - you'll see the immediate results in your bank account, and you'll also come out of it feeling financially fit and strong and ready to set yourself up for success.

With Inspired Woman Institute's philosophy of 'Empowering Women through Education' in all areas of life, this group is here to #empower, #support, #celebrate your journey with you.

Whether you're focusing on $1000 parcels, or $100 parcels, it doesn't matter as you take your #debtfree #passiveincome #finanicalfreedom journey.





What is happiness, and how do you find it?

We explore this question and more as we get curious about life, positive psychology and the role of 'wellness' in the FREE Facebook Group with weekly blogs and daily inspiration with Human Behaviour Strategist and Coach, Fiona Hurle




A unique program to reset your gut, improve your sleep, clear your mind and reconnect with your body, so you have more energy each and every day to enjoy life.

This program was designed for everyone! Whether you're a stressed corporate, busy mum, shift worker, returning to study or running your own business - improving your health is easy, quick and simple with 28DAYRESET.

Healthy doesn't have to be hard, you just have to listen for the signs your body is telling you.....


28 minutes a day for 28 days (and that's NOT exercise :-)


Image by THE 5TH


With a key focus on connecting the mind and body with healthy habits, creating positive mental health through effective stress management, and building strength and self confidence through safe and effective exercise techniques. 

Fully supported by your coach on your journey towards success, ask yourself 'where will you be a year from now?'


“I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”

Oprah Winfrey


It's time for change - time to uplevel and be surrounded by women who support your success - in all areas of life. 

You will gain direct access to Health and Well-BEing Coach, Fiona Hurle, exploring topics of health and wellbeing, mindset, personal development, relationships, fun and hobbies, and the elusive work-life balance.

In the private group you will be supported to be your best self with blogs and articles, downloadable resources, holistic health methods, online course discounts and

  • weekly '5 Habits 2 Health' goal setting

  • weekly group coaching session

  • weekly online Stick Mobility Class

  • Live Coach support Monday - Friday

  • Weekend Planning and Soul Sessions

  • Monthly treasure Hunt with prizes

BONUS - Kick Start Coaching session when you join (valued at $197)


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It's who you're BEing

that makes you Well...

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Phone: 0419 809 724

Melbourne, Australia

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