Where the magic of success hides

With so many magic pills, fast track to success programs, overnight entrepreneurs and seemingly simple ways to get what you want with very little effort, it's not surprising that so many of us feel flat and disappointed when what we want doesn't occur overnight.

It's the era where anyone can make a motza selling 'quick success' to anyone willing to hand over money in the hope of their goal being achieved quicker.

You only have to look at all the fad 'diets' and get rich quick schemes to see how much the 'success dream' industry has taken off, and unfortunately it's at the expense of peoples long term happiness.

Yep, I said it and put it out there. These false and short term promises are making so many of us feel useless, deflated, unworthy, hopeless and in a constant state of 'giving up' because we're just not getting the overnight success that is promised.

So lets break this down a little by looking at a diet (because most women will go on one at least once in their life).

The AIM is to ultimately lose weight and create the confident, sexy, attractive body that we desire (and is in their famous Instagram advert).

The ACTION is to (one example only) reduce calories, remove food groups, cardio the heck out of every day and drink green tea whilst standing on your head. (ok so that's a bit extreme but you get the idea).

The PROMISED OUTCOME from the marketing is that within 14 days you will lose 10kgs, love yourself sick, attract your dream man, and life will be peachy.

The ACTUAL OUTCOME is that by

  • day 4 you will be hungry and grumpy from eating even less than you already were,

  • day 7 you will be exhausted from the hours of cardio and what little food you have consumed, and you'll be deflated because you haven't lost 5kgs already (you're halfway through the program right - that's what they promised),

  • day 10 and you've had enough so you binge on the biggest sugary treat at the cafe and grab yourself a bottle of wine on the way home, because you deserve it right!

You start to wonder who the heck even makes it to day 14 and looks like that skinny b*tch in the Instagram ad?!

And so the cycle begins again of the same behaviours and thoughts you had before, but this time you just resign to the fact that you'll always look and feel how you are now....and you have proof that NOTHING works.

When I work with clients, whether it be related to their health and wellbeing, their career, their business, or life in general, we take a look at their daily HABITS.

Being able to look at their habits and rituals helps identify their values and what IS important to them.

See in everything, the outcome we are getting, IS the outcome we desire based on what we are doing.

Let me explain that differently - every outcome (yes, EVERY outcome), has a series of steps, or a method, that creates that outcome.

So in order to create a successful outcome, we need to take the steps of SUCCESS for that given outcome.

Therefore, if the aim is to create a healthy and strong body that you fall in love with and you feel more confident, then the steps for success are consistent POSITIVE action over a period of time, that becomes your way of life.

Some examples might be

  • reducing sugar intake (I said reducing not completely removing)

  • committing time in your diary to do some form of exercise daily (make it fun and something you look forward to and a non-negotiable action)

  • drink more water

  • eat more of nature's foods

  • be around healthy people

  • learn to say no

  • have an activity based goal rather than a weight loss goal

  • set a regular sleep pattern

If it doesn't become a way of life then it ultimately has a 'start' and 'end' date of action (just like a diet) and you will go back to doing the same habits and rituals you did previously to get the outcome that you previously got (feeling tired, flabby, unsexy etc)

End the cycle of starting and stopping and feeling deflated and get your daily HABITS in order, keep yourself accountable to your standards of action and your desired outcome will be achievable and sustainable for life.

You got this!

Need some help? Coaching is a great way to explore your habits, embed them into your daily of life and achieve success in many areas. I would love to work with you on this so head to the contact page and drop me a message to discuss my coaching program options.

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