Removing the mask

Today is one of those less glamorous days in our house.

The kind of day I try not to post on social media because it’s not ‘inspiring’ or ‘perfect’ enough and you might see my human flaws.

It’s been an average week - my job is no longer serving me emotionally (or even financially) and I’m seeking more personally from my investment of time in job (yep I have a job and a business), my standards had slipped on some things, my accountability was lacking, I was encouraged to change my messaging of self/biz because it’s ‘been heard before’, I almost got run over twice, Lawrence (our rescue dog) has had high anxiety, I haven’t been to the gym in 2 days, I’ve been up all night with sick puppy and down on about 6.5673 hours of sleep, my gut was upset today, my skin is looking exhausted and I went against my better judgement and had some pre-workout for energy boost and alcohol this week and now my kidneys are screaming.

And I generally do all this behind closed doors because who wants to be inspired by someone who’s a bit fucked up in a lot of areas.

The funny thing is though - my mind always goes to the worst.

There were some really great things to celebrate this week:

being invited to apply for a board position for a women’s mental health charity (which had been on my goal list for 2 years), discussing writing to the UN to change corporate culture around sick days and label them wellbeing days to empower people to take care of their health, getting to the gym on all the other days I had planned and lifting heavier, cleaning the house, celebrating clients successes, playing my part as a volunteer at the animal shelter, having a day where I didn’t experience anxiety, spending time with my partner and getting a backlog of biz admin done.

It’s really easy to only want to show the highlight reel.

To strive for it all to be glamourous and perfect.

But that’s NOT Life.

So each day, enjoy the swings and roundabouts, highs and lows and celebrate you have life - no matter how hard it might seem.

Commit to stepping into your spotlight - warts and all.

It is through our own REAL journey we can inspire self and others.


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