Changing Zones

Comfort is something we all desire. Comfortable bed, comfortable income, comfortable shoes, comfortable stress levels and comfortable bras!

However, comfortable is a double edged sword.

Take for example what happened on the day of this picture:

It was cold, I had my comfy gown on, with my comfy new birthday ugg boots, my comfy couch, with my dog sleeping comfortably next to me, with my heater set to a comfy temperature. And I comfortably wasted 3 hours on social media! WTF! Sure I wrote some posts and scheduled them (yay me) but how did I comfortably throw away 3 hours of my LIFE that could have been used more wisely? I could have:

•got my gym session in early so I had a full day for clients and business

•dyed my hair that I’ve been putting off for weeks

•studied a module or two on my Uni course

•walked my dog

•written a chapter of my book or

•tidied my office.

All things that would have had a far greater impact on my health and happiness. But I was behind closed doors, no one will know. It’s my day to spend it how I want.

All words of the ego.

How many times have you done something that, if it were out in the public, you wouldn’t be so proud of? For me, that time I consumed four cans of bourbon while writing someone’s success plan, or that time I hid in the corner of McDonalds to eat a Big Mac, or that time I set a goal and didn’t take any action to achieve it.

All justifiable by the ego and because I was comfortable in hiding.

I see lots of women doing the same – getting comfortable with their actions even though they know it’s not positively moving them forward.

They justify and convince themselves they’re not capable or anything more.

It can feel difficult to get out of the comfort zone – yet all the magic happens when we embrace ‘being comfortable with being uncomfortable’.

So, here’s my few tips on how to change out of the comfort zone into ‘next level’ (imagine you’re in a Super Mario game) and get more out of life.

Create some structure

By creating a daily and weekly routine to follow, you reduce the amount of decisions you need to make. Decisions can lead to procrastination and complete lack of action which mess with your mind and can keep you in the comfort zone. Notice how long it takes to pick an outfit in the morning when you’re rushing around…. Creating your routine will be a test and measure process so don’t worry if you don’t get it right first up. Test it for 2 weeks and then adjust once you have insight as to what works and doesn’t for you.

Create a routine based on the now, not on the ‘ideal day’. Identify the key non-negotiables – sleep, work, gym, study, networking events, whatever they are for you and schedule those in FIRST.

Then identify the tasks that will help support you achieving the non-negotiables, things such as food shopping, meal preparation, massage, study (study could support your career goals so might be second level for you, yet study might be imperative for someone in business leveling up so that might be no-negotiable for them). Schedule these in daily or weekly.

And if you want to go next level again – get laser focused on your morning routine or daily foundation. In the first 2 hours schedule the following

•Exact time you get up each day





•Nutritious breakfast

•Positive music (you decide in what order and for how long works for you – trust your gut)

Show up like you mean it

Life is a privilege, show up like it matters that you have been given today. Not every day do we feel like doing life, but we are best rewarded when we have gratitude for it. Dress like you mean business; iron your skirt, polish your shoes, shave your legs (or not if that’s not your thing), and brush your hair (at least). Make up is optional, depending on your health and lifestyle choices so at least clean your face of the eye snot each morning!

Your physiology creates your psychology so when you are wearing boring, comfy, daggy clothes that’s how your mind and energy show up. When you have your best clothes on, your confidence (even if it’s only partially showing up until you keep building it), and you’re showing up like today is your big break – you’ll FEEL it.

Don’t forget to bring your sex appeal swagger! It can get lost along the journey as we age, but honey, you got it! Ok, so we’re not going for wolf whistles here or get into the whole feminist sexual harassment argument, just bring your Girl Power. My technique – I imagine if I ran into that long lost hunk I once dreamt of, would I make him weak at the knees with who I am BEing, or would he just be another passing stranger? Some days I nail it. Other days I know, by how I am feeling and being, that I didn’t quite nail my ensemble….clothes, hair, shoes, attitude. Let your powerhouse womanhood be your point of difference and lean into what makes you YOU.

Put your future self first

Doing what you need to do now in order to receive future dividends will keep you leveling up. Nourish and Nurture. Trust your instincts – you do know how to maintain and drive a great mind, body and soul. Listen to your body. You only get this life once, in this body, so do what you can to preserve it, preserve who you are and enjoy the years ahead.

•Eat a balance of healthy colourful food.

•Exercise daily – make some sessions for your goals and some sessions for fun.

•Continuous self development through reading, mentoring, coaching, events and study.

•Spend time with YOU. Reconnect with your inner child through playing, creativity, laughter and writing.

•Connect with the world through nature, meditation and spirituality/religion (whatever that is for you).

Don’t let life pass you by.

Step into all that you are capable of, all that is waiting for you and Live a Life You Love.


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